Design & User Experience

Our UX design services help you to visually develop your ideas and make them come to life.

The design team at Yah are proud followers of the school of user experience and user design. These two concepts explore how users understand and interact with websites, and how web designers and marketers can leverage these interactions to see favourable returns.

User experience (UX) refers to the way users feel as they browse and interact with your website or mobile application. User interface (UI) refers to the actual elements on the site or app.




User Experience Audits and Testing


Our team have a full suite of UI and UX testing programs and processes. Through our user experience testing and audits, we know what to investigate and explore in order to determine real, actionable insights.



Application Design

The Lemot Digital team can work with your technical team to develop a web application that employs best practice UI and UX. Informed by rigorous user testing, we’ll develop strategies for the animation, wireframes, typography, layouts and all other application elements that delights the end user with its functionality and design.




Icon Design


Even the little things can make a huge different in your web or app designs. It might not seem like a big component, but the icons you use throughout your project will greatly influence how a user understands and interacts with your solution. We’ll help you determine the best icons to employ to ensure clarity and functionality. If there’s nothing available that fits perfectly, we’ll custom design a set of icons just for you.

We have a number of resources we can share if you’re interested in learning more about UI design or UX design. Please get in touch if you want to know more.



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